Partnered with Zaner to improve customer service

Zaner Group Independent Introducing Broker

DeCarley Trading is partnered with Zaner to improve customer experience

Along with the efforts of Zaner, our brokerage services are defined by reliable clearing, top-notch research, trading insights and impeccable support.

DeCarley Trading is a proud division of the Zaner Group. Zaner is one of the oldest Independent Introducing Brokers registered with CFTC and is a member of the National Futures Association. For over 30 years, Zaner has provided brokerage services to traders worldwide in the futures, commodities, metals, currencies, energies and Forex markets.

As an independent introducing broker, Zaner and DeCarley are able to offer clients access to multiple clearing arrangements (Futures Commission Merchants, or FCMs). Consequently, DeCarley is able to provide the extraordinary service clients deserve, at great rates for both full-service and discount online traders.

Futures and Options Clearing Options

DeCarley clients may clear through following FCMs while benefiting from having DeCarley as their brokerage contact for day-to-day support items:


  • Gain Capital
  • ADM
  • Rosenthal Collins Group
  • Crossland
  • Dorman
  • Clear Chicago Group
  • And potentially others...

Added Customer Service

Because DeCarley Trading acts as the primary point of contact to its clients, customer service tasks are streamlined, and resolved in a quick and effective manner. Additionally, our clients benefit from surplus attention in customer service areas provided the Zaner staff, as well as the FCMs support operations.
Multiple trading platform options

With so many clearing possibilities, there are a seemingly unlimited number of platforms available. The list provided on our site isn't complete but it is extensive, click here to view; let us know if you would like access to something not on the list and we'll work to get it for you.

Keep in mind that certain platforms are only available at particular FCMs, and each FCM has different margin policies (some being very anti-short option trading). Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for platform and FCM recommendations based on your needs whether it be day trading, short option trading, position trading, etc.

Clients of DeCarley receive DeCarley generated research and guidance


  • The Financial Futures Report
  • The DeCarley Perspective
  • Trade recommendations/commentary
  • Trade guidance via phone, email and instant message
  • Choice between self-directed online trading, full-service or both
  • Third party commodity market research newsletters
  • And more...

DeCarley Trading, partnered with Zaner, is here to help!

We are aware that multiple choices between FCMs and platforms can be overwhelming, but we are dedicated to making this a simple transition for everyone.
Click here to open an account to use DeCarley Trading as your broker in conjunction with any of the clearing firms listed above (you will be given an opportunity to choose a clearing firm halfway through the application but we would love to help you make an informed decision, you can do this by choosing "unsure").


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