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Mad Money is a prime time investment and trading television program airing weeknights on CNBC (the business television branch of NBC).  The host of Mad Money, Jim Cramer, often consults with the commodity market analysis by Carley Garner of DeCarley Trading.  In doing so, he frequently features DeCarley Trading futures market commentary on the TV show in a segment titled, Off the Charts. Some of the popular topics include crude oil, gold, natural gas, the currency markets, stock indices, the VIX, and the treasury market. 

Jim Cramer and Carley Garner point out crude oil futures margin calls weighing on stocks
Jim Cramer and Carley Garner went Off the Charts in the S&P 500
Jim Cramer and Carley Garner went Off the Charts to talk Crude Oil Futures
Jim Cramer asks Carley Garner about the euro currency futures markets
Jim Cramer asks DeCarley Trading about WTI Crude Oil Futures
Jim Cramer talks Carley Garner Analysis on Mad Money
Jim Cramer turned to Carley Garner for guidance in the crude oil futures market
Jim Cramer turns to Carley Garner for guidance on the euro and crude oil
Mad Money featured DeCarley Trading Natural Gas Analysis
Mad Money features our futures market analysis
Meet Carley Garner
New Highs in the S&P 500? Cramer and Garner take a look at the chart.
Our Crude Oil Futures Analysis was Featured on Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer
Our S&P and NASDAQ Charts on Mad Money
See Carley Garner Commodity Market Analysis on TV
See Carley Garner's energy market analysis on Mad Money!
See DeCarley Gold Market Analysis on Mad Money
See our ES and YM Chart Analysis on Mad Money
Selling Options on Futures
The commodity rally is overcrowded and vulnerable.

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