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Technical Analysis in Commodities: Narrowing down indicators and trade setups

Carley Garner, commodity broker and contributor of technical analysis to Jim Cramer's Mad Money, details various approaches to futures market analysis. 




Despite naysayers littering the college finance classrooms around the country, technical analysis has made its way into the mainstream forms of market prognosis. Not only is it popular, but if technical oscillators New commodity trading book by Carley Garnerand tools are used properly they can be relatively accurate. Of course, blindly following any type of analysis leads traders to the slaughterhouse. Join us for an introduction to choosing the proper technical oscillator for your circumstance and utilizing it in a higher probability manner. Here are some of the major talking points:

• What is technical analysis?
• Methods of technical analysis
• How to use certain technical indicators to the fullest
• My preferred technical oscillators
• Charting tools truths vs. myths



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