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Day Trading Futures with Weekly Options and CQG

We celebrated the release of Carley Garner's new futures and options trading book, Higher Probability Commodity Trading, by hosting a webinar with CQG!

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Carley Garner's New Book Higher Probability Commodity Trading

Day trading futures outright is one of the most difficult forms of speculation with little room for error, a generally high leverage, and fierce competition.


Hear Carley Garner discuss some alternative approaches to day trading. She will cover the newer option products such as CME’s weekly options listed on the e-mini S&P that offer day traders a lower risk and lower anxiety method of accepting price exposure.

 Here are some of the questions that are answered in this video:

• Should day traders use stop loss orders?
• Is it possible to day trade with long options?
• Should long options be used instead of stop loss orders?



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