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Trading Commodities with Lower Risk and a Small Account

How to Trade Commodities with Low Risk and Minimal Capital


Higher Probability Commodity Trading book by Carley Garner20 years ago, trading commodities was a practice reserved for the wealthy or well connected, but in today’s environment traders of all sizes can participate. Over the years the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has brought the commodity markets to the masses via improvements in technology but more importantly by listing products with smaller contract sizes and, therefore, dramatically lower margin and risk. Join Carley Garner, and experienced futures  broker,  to discuss the hidden gems of the commodity markets, minis and micros. *MANY OF THE TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS CLASS ARE FEATURED IN HIGHER PROBABILITY COMMODITY TRADING.

Talking points:

• What are mini and micro futures contracts?

• What about liquidity? • How to scale trade mini and micro futures.

• Calculating profit, loss, and risk • Account size and position sizing for minis and micros

• Increased odds of success with smaller contract sizes




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