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How to trade market volatility with the VIX and the e-mini S&P 500 options

VIX futures offer traders efficient access to volatility trading, but it comes with massive erosion risk.  Hedge that risk with e-mini S&P 500 options!




There are better ways to trade volatility than seemingly inefficient ETFs rigged against the trader. The futures market provides pure volatility plays via the VIX futures contract and e-mini S&P options. Creative traders might even find ways to hedge their speculations with a combination of these two instruments. However, there are some characteristics about the VIX that trades should be aware of but generally aren't. Join us on March 7th to discuss volatility trading using futures and options!

Some of the topics discussed in this FREE trading educational video:

• What are VIX futures?
• Similarities between the VIX futures and e-mini S&P 500 options
• Hedging the VIX with e-mini S&P 500 options
• Peril of not being familiar with volatility market characteristics



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