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Commodity Futures Trading Newsletter by Carley Garner

In each edition of the newsletter, DeCarley will share their fundamental, seasonal and technical outlook with visual charts to support their analysis. "The DeCarley Perspective" may contain specific trading recommendations or broad-based trading ideas dependent on the opportunities that present themselves. 

Clients and subscribers receive the newsletters in a timely manner, but here is a sample of out-dated archives of the DeCarley Perspective for you to browse.  (Please note, in May 2011 The DeCarley Perspective was transformed into a weekly newsletter from a monthly).

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Long and short options can tame the risk of futures trading
Speculators are as short Treasuries as they have been in years, are they right?
We are getting mixed signals in our crude oil futures market analysis
Another look at the crude oil futures market
Fed Funds Futures aren't pricing in a December interest rate hike
What do Fed Funds Futures tell us? Are they a short?
Bandwagon bulls in crude oil signal the rally might be due for a pause.
Are gold futures in a bull market?
Remember the Ags?
Is the oil run done yet?
The greenback holds the key...are we finally turning the corner?
GC is on the verge of breakout or bust
Are crude oil and stocks finally decoupling?
T-Bond and T-Note Futures seeing temporary buying
Will the Euro and Crude Oil find a Bottom together, or are they both doomed?
Holiday Markets are Usually Bullish for Stocks
Natural Gas Prices could (finally) be set for a Recovery
Cattle futures could soar from here
Small speculators might be too long the e-mini S&P
Silver Futures should be on your commodity watch list
Is it now or never for the commodity markets?
Implied volatility is high, let's sell euro currency strangles
Selling Option Strangles in the Euro Currency
"Free" sugar trade with an option spread
Sell 5-Year note futures contract, buy a call option for insurance
Sell December Euro Option Strangles
Buying Opportunity in Corn Futures?
Get long the dollar with protection
The Yen is becoming concerning and it could impact the S&P
Bullish Seasonals in Gold, Moment of truth
Looking at the big picture in crude oil
Goldman broke the gold market
Using Option Spreads to Trade the ES
Crude oil volatility high, sell option strangles?
December Crude Oil Short Option Strangles
December Corn Options
Most think the Euro is doomed, does that mean it is time for a bounce?
Time to be a crude oil bull?
Grains in the aftermath of USDA and expanded hours
Crude holding above $100, are we headed back to $110?
Corn and Soybean Futures
Crude Oil, calm before the storm?
BOJ easing weakens Yen, will it last?
Crude oil drifting higher, but resistance looms
"Crude" sell-off?
Grain traders battling macro economics, and upcoming WASDE
Record net speculative shorts in Euro, risk to the upside?
Currency futures at a climax?
The crude reality of oil
Corn Futures
Are "beans in the teens" old news?
Is it time to buy the "cable"?
Da Grains...
Crude oil futures have energy
Euro, grains and energies
Coffee...people still drink it, avoid the short side?
Crude Oil's Slippery Slope
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