E-Micro Gold Futures Enable Dollar Cost Averaging

Small Traders CAN Trade Gold Futures Comfortably

Trader Planet Futures, Forex and Stock Market EducationGold is the epitome of a commodity market; yet it can be one of the most treacherous to participate in.  Those looking for high levels volatility need not look any further. The precious metal’s price is capable of volatile price swings that can make even the soundest of traders look foolish.   But it has also been known to churn wealth to the greenest of traders which keeps speculators intrigued. 

Many small retail traders have simply given up on the idea of speculating in the high-risk, high-margined, yellow metal at the hands of a tumultuous trading experience.    For some traders the standard sized gold futures of 100 ounces is simply too big for comfortable position trading and alternatives such as ETFs are inefficient instruments for commodity speculation due to fund rebalancing and fees.  However,  for those traders with low risk tolerance, or a preference for sound sleep, there is a way to participate in the pure speculation futures markets offer with manageable risk: e-Micro gold futures.

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