DeCarley Santa Claus rally market analysis on Mad Money

jim cramer decarley trading futures market analysis"Put it all together, and this environment can feel pretty darned daunting … but at times like these, I think it is worth taking a step back and seeing what we can learn from the technicals." ~ Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer  featured our analysis of the e-mini S&P 500 futures conracts (symbol  ES) on the Mad Money on CNBC show on November 24th, 2015. See it here:


The equity bulls have a lot of noise to contend with.  Last weekend’s terror attacks in Paris, and the realization that the downed Soviet passenger plane last month was also an act of terrorism suddenly shines a light on a risk market participants have been ignoring.  However, we are approaching a time of year in which the equity markets almost always find support.

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