Jim Cramer turns to Carley Garner for guidance on the euro and crude oil

Jim Cramer on Mad Money with Carley Garner of DeCarley TradingJim Cramer's "Off the Charts" segment on CNBC's Mad Money used Carley Garner's crude oil and euro analysis on the December 22nd show!

"This relationship between currency and oil often gets overlooked." ~ Jim Cramer

To get a better read on where oil and currency could be headed, Cramer spoke with Carley Garner, a technician and commodities expert who co-founded DeCarley Trading and a colleague of Cramer's at RealMoney.com.


Because the price of crude is so heavily influenced by the strong dollar, Garner found that oil and the euro often trade in lockstep with one another. There is a high correlation between the two because they are both punished when the dollar increases in value.

In Garner's opinion, both oil and the euro could be closer to a bottom than most people think. In fact, she thinks the euro could have bottomed already. (Abigail Stevenson @ CNBC)



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