Garner and Cramer reviewed the stock rally and market volatility on Mad Money

"Mad Money" host Jim Cramer used futures market technician and broker Carley Garner's charts to make the argument that being a little bit cynical in a red-hot stock market might make sense.

Cramer's charts reveal the potential danger behind a calm bull market from CNBC.



Carley Garner Commodity Broker on Mad Money with Jim Cramer"Here's the bottom line: the charts, as interpreted by Carley Garner, who's been spot-on for us, suggest that this rally might have a shorter shelf-life than we'd like," Cramer said. "I'm a little more optimistic than that because the earnings from some of these great American companies have been so breathtaking. But you need to hear Garner's message because complacency, for all of us, is dangerous. When everyone else is euphoric after a huge run, it does not hurt for all of us to be a little more skeptical." - Jim Cramer, Mad Money on CBNC host



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