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Our most popular complimentary trading platform, the Zaner360, now has option spread capabilities! Commodity Option Spread Trading Plaform

The long-awaited update to the Zaner360 is here. Users can now place option spread orders on a single order entry ticket. This means traders can enter orders for options strategies such as ratio spreads, vertical spreads, iron condors, and more on a single ticket at a single limit price. Although entering option spreads as a package, as opposed to entering orders for each leg individually, isn't always the most efficient it is a fabulous tool to have access to because it gives traders more "options" in how they implement their strategy.


Unfortunately, the option spread trading capability is only available on the live platform (it won't be built into the demo platform for some time). Nevertheless, we've created a quick tutorial video to give prospective customers an idea of how it might work, and guide existing customers through the process of placing an option spread order.

Below is a written user-guide for reference:

Click here for the user-guide for entering options on futures spread orders.

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