Gold and Silver could benefit from dollar weakness, but Bitcoin probably won't


Futures and options broker with DeCarley Trading, Carley Garner, recently spoke to Daniela Cambone of Stansberry Research and host of The Daniela Cambone Show. The discussion was centered around precious metals futures, the impact of the currency market on commodities, and Bitcoin. 

"The U.S. dollar has been holding everything back in terms of valuations," says Carley Garner, author of Higher Probability Commodity Trading" and founder of "There's a big disconnect between oil stocks and the oil futures market," she says to Daniela Cambone. "Investors are starving for a place to put their money and oil is working for the time being," Garner states. "I have a hard time finding intrinsic value in bitcoin, or one particular coin in general," she continues. "I personally think there is a chance of $8,000 bitcoin, the market is full of surprises for bitcoin and that won't change," Garner says. Garner concludes that, "gold has been very disappointing, and is not behaving the way you expect it to in war-like and inflation-like environment."



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