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Using U.S. Exchange Traded Futures and Options Products to Diversify and Hedge a Traditional Portfolio

In this session, Carley Garner will outline the logistics, mechanics, and advantages of using U.S.-based derivatives to gain exposure to precious metals such as gold and silver. She will also share a highly efficient hedging strategy using stock index or bond options to reduce risk exposure to risk assets and interest rates.

Strategizing in Today’s Commodity Markets

Join Carley Garner to discuss historical, current, and future commodity market price action. She will provide market outlooks using technical, fundamental, and market composition analysis and offer examples of trading strategies to benefit from those forecasts.


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Choosing a Futures Broker and Brokerage Service

Full-Service or Online Trading?

The decision to trade online or through a full-service commodity broker will undoubtedly make a large impact on your bottom line.

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A Fair Commission Rate vs. Low Commission

To look at commission rates objectively, we must understand the background of the futures industry and how brokerages accept risk for fees.

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Choosing a Commodity Brokerage Firm

Deciding on a commodity brokerage firm is a significant decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not all traders and brokers are compatible.

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Choosing a Futures and Options Broker

Most traders in search of a futures broker are concerned primarily with trading platforms, commission, and quality guidance.

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The Truth about Futures Commission

The goal of futures trading should be to MAKE money, not SAVE it! Discount commodity brokers cut corners that cost their clients time & money.

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Commodities via Futures or ETFs?

A key difference to trading commodity futures over ETFs is leverage, but there is more to discuss, such as taxes, market hours, and efficiency.

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