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  1. Earnings season could negatively impact the U.S. stock market as companies begin to feel the pain of the global economic slowdown, warns Peter Boockvar.
  2. There's a world of opportunity between straightforward index investing and risky private deals, says Mayflower Advisors' Larry Glazer.
  3. Gluskin Sheff's David Rosenberg reinforces his recession forecast following the Federal Reserve's September meeting.
  4. Trade with China is the 'big unknown' for the Federal Reserve as it decides how best to support the U.S. economy, says Council on Foreign Relations Director of International Economies Benn Steil.
  5. Blackstone's Joseph Zidle predicts the Fed will cut rates but says Wall Street won't get what it wants, and stocks could fall as much as 20%.
  6. Oil's two-day whipsaw after coordinated attacks on Saudi Arabia's oil supply won't interrupt its longer-term downtrend, says longtime trader Anthony Grisanti.
  7. Former presidential candidate Ron Paul is warning negative interest rates will crush the global economy.
  8. Bank of America Merrill Lynch's Jill Carey Hall sees small caps outperforming large caps over the next decade.

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