The Truth about Futures Commission

Futures Commission Money PitThe Goal of Futures Trading should be to MAKE Money, not to SAVE Money!

Everyone knows that commission is baggage; mathematically, every dollar spent on transaction costs directly reduces profits and increases losses but there is more to commission than math. For instance, traders paying highly discounted rates are given incentive to over trade and there is much more money to be lost by overzealous trading than there is in paying for a quality service. Similarly, if quality market research and trading recommendations can shorten the trading learning curve, or "save" traders from extra dollar or two in commission might avoid thousands of dollars in costly market mishaps.

With discount futures brokers you get what you pay for:

1. Limitations, or high margin, for option selling

2. Heavy handed margin clerks for option sellers (unnecessary forced liquidation can be costly)

3. Limitations on products offered

4. Automatic account liquidation at 3:00 pm Central (day trading)

5. Inexperienced support staff (clerks, not brokers)

6. Little or no education or trader support, you are on your own

If you are trading commodity futures or options with a discount firm, but are still losing money...maybe it's time to try something different.

With DeCarley Trading, we believe you will receive what you pay for and more; including but not limited to:

1. DeCarley Trading newsletters (Financial Futures Report and the DeCarley Perspective), trading recommendations (primarily short option trades in energies, currencies, grains, Treasuries and stock indices), multiple third party commodity research newsletters

2. Minimum span margins for all account sizes and trading strategies (option selling included)

3. Forced liquidation is a last resort to prevent accounts from losing more than is on deposit, but it not a day to day risk management tool

4. Access to ALL U.S. futures and options, and most of the popular overseas products

5. Experienced brokerage staff, friendly, helpful and efficient support

6. And much more...



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