An Insiders Perspective: Tips and Tricks - The Bottom Line in Trading

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The Trading Bottom Line

The purpose of this article was to simply bring attention to some very simple concepts that those privy to the industry insiders are aware of, but the retail public may not realize.  Even those that are aware of the tips and tricks offered in this writing, find it hard to overcome their trading emotions enough to apply the knowledge. 

While there is a degree of luck involved in futures and options trading, consistent gains can only be realized by those who put the probabilities in their favor, and even then there are no assurances.   Understanding and implementing strategies that comply with the aforementioned items may help you to achieve such probabilities in your trading.  Nonetheless, don’t forget that regardless of the strategy used there is substantial risk in futures and options trading and isn’t suitable for everyone.  

**There is substantial loss in trading options and futures. 



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