The Nuts and Bolts of Alternative Option Trading - Conclusion

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The most important aspect gained from this article should be the idea that options are extremely flexible and can be combined in an unlimited number of ways in order to achieve a common goal.  Which strategy to use depends on your personality, tolerance for risk and risk capital available. 

We understand that it is nearly impossible to touch upon all of the details necessary for a complete understanding of these topics within the confines of such an article.  Therefore, a DeCarley Trading representative is available to discuss any questions that you may have regarding the material covered or which strategy may best for you.  Feel free to contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone at 1-866-790-TRADE (8723). 

**There is substantial loss in trading options and futures.

Carley Garner is an experienced futures and options broker with  DeCarley Trading, a division of Zaner, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She is also the author of  "Currency Trading in the FOREX and Futures Markets", "A Trader's First Book on Commodities" and “Commodity Options” published by FT Press, a division of Prentice Hall.  She has also contributed to the FT Press Delivers line of digital products, "Insights for the Agile Investor".  Her e-newsletters, The DeCarley Perspective, and the Financial Futures Report, have garnered a loyal following; she is also proactive in providing free trading education and a regular guest of Mad Money with Jim Cramer.



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