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Futures exchanges offer traders a wealth of free commodity market information.  

Not only do they have access to well-respected grain futures market analysts and traders, but they have rather deep pockets to fund specific research reports that might not otherwise be possible. Grain futures traders of all skill levels and sizes, can benefit from exchange sponsored education.

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  1. Virginia McGathey, www.VirginiaMcGathey.com
  2. Virginia McGathey, www.VirginiaMcGathey.com
  3. This report contains a weekly summary of grains weighed for export in metric tons, including totals for the current and previous market year to date. Included are grains prepared for export weekly by country of destination and port area.
  4. Tarso Veloso, Analyst and Director of Operations for AgResource and AgResource Brasil, provides monthly insight into South American corn and soybean crop conditions.
  5. Scott Shellady, Ag Optimus

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