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Markets: Futures and options

RANorder, from Rolfe and Nolan, has been a staple of the electronic trading community menu for over a decade. RANorder paved the way for electronic trading platforms and remains one of the most simple and easy to use interfaces on the market. RANorder is also one of a handful of platforms on the market providing access to both electronic and open outcry products. Because of its simplicity, it is a popular choice among trade desks and brokers who enter orders on behalf of customers across a broad spectrum of futures products. Additional features include:
  • Allows users to "park" orders to quickly place trades in moving markets
  • Utilizes HTML, XML and Windows-based front ends for easy order entry and account access
Take a glance at how the RANorder system works: 

(click image to enlarge)


We invite you to experience the user-friendly world of RANorder with the RANorder Demo. Simply click here and enter the following:

User ID: rcg.demo 
Password: rcg.demo 

To view the Demo mode from the PC Based platform, simply check the "Demo" box at the bottom right-hand corner of the login screen once the program has been launched. 

To access the RANorder User Guide, please click here.


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