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Patsystem Pro-Mark

Patsystem Pro-Mark

Pro-Mark® is an advanced front end application available for the professional user. The platform was developed to satisfy the needs of sophisticated traders with often complex trading approaches. Pro-Mark® makes a virtue of speed at all levels and it supports a variety of order types and strategies.

Pro-Mark® offers these useful features for your trading strategies:

  • Multi-leg spreading
  • Logic that helps you place orders at prices suited for your strategy
  • Create a strategy, in any ratio, across any number of legs
  • Actively work legs, combine futures and options, expand legs to any asset class
  • High level of protection against underfills and overfills
  • Work 'stops' in strategies
  • Integrated advanced charting functionality with a wide array of technical indicators, efficient backtesting and flexible representations
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Excel®
  • Deployable via the internet

Here’s a look at what Pro-Mark® has to offer:

Patsystems Pro-Mark 
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Patsystems Pro-Mark Reflector 
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