Futures and Options Trading Platforms

TradingView Trading Platform and Social Network for Traders

Web-Based Futures Platform (no options trading)TradingView Futures Platform and Social Network for Traders

Mac compatible

Cost: $10 per month plus 10 cents per trade for CQG connection

TradingView is a web service trading and charting platform, which also serves as a social network for traders to share ideas.  TradingView is available via a limited free version, or a paid subscription which offers access to multiple technical indicators, charting tools, and other premium trading features. 

This trading platform offers easy and intuitive futures market access for beginning commodity traders but is powerful enough for advanced chartists.  Further, TradingView has all of the tools you need to share your trading ideas and collaborate with other traders.

This trading platform can be used to trade futures and FOREX with DeCarley Trading; although the platform offers stock trading such products would need to be traded via a stock brokerage. You can connect multiple live brokerage accounts to the TradingView platform making it possible to use a traditional stock brokerage for stock trading and a futures brokerage for futures trading within the same platform.
DeCarley clients would connect to TradingView via the CQG server at a cost of $10 per month and 10 cents per trade (in addition to the cost of a TradingView subscription should traders opt for an upgraded plan).

*This platform does NOT offer options trading, it is futures only.  Clients may use the Zaner360 for options trading while simultaneously using TradingView for futures trades.  This can be done within a single trading account.



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