Motivewave is a trading platform offering various levels of capabilities to fit any type of trader or futures market analyst. 

Starts at $18 per month. 

The platform is user-friendly and customizable with high-end charting, particularly for those interested in Elliot Wave. This is a great option for Mac users searching for trading software without compromising features and convenience. Further, Motivewave futures and options trading software is available in six different editions to meet the charting and trading needs of any budget. 


Some highlights include:

  • Market profile and market footprints
  • Advanced wave analysis with Fibonacci and Elliott Wave tools
  • Volume and order flow analysis tools such as TPO
  • Place orders directly from the chart
  • Scaling orders, brackets, and other advanced contingent orders
  • Built-in automated trading strategies
  • Build your own custom indicators and algorithmic trading systems
  • Strategy backtesting and optimization
  • Advanced replay mode
  • Market scanners and screening

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