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Photon Trader

PhotonTrader Futures Trading PlatformPhotonTrader is a high-end trading platform developed by professional traders (Damon Pavlatos and Linda Raschke) and is optimized for day and swing trading. 

Starts at $45 per month.


Photon Trader General Commodity Trading Features

  • Direct access to many of the world’s leading exchanges.
  • Numerous options for configuring your trade preferences.
  • Lightening-fast execution times.
  • Flexible workspace layouts.
  • Workspace layouts follow you from machine to machine.
  • A completely customizable user interface, including colors, fonts, window size etc.

Basic Trading Features

  • Easy and quick trade entry, modification, and cancellation.
  • Multiple order entry methods including Matrix, Market Depth, and Trade Pads.
  • Color-coded time-and-sales window with custom filters.
  • Standard order types – Limit, Stop, Market.
  • Customizable Market View (Level 1 exchange quotes).

Advanced Trading Features

OCO Orders, Bracket Orders.
Customizable “Tactics” for the creation of Strategies such as triple contingencies.
Automatics scale in and scale out with trailing stops.
“Cancel All” button to immediately close open orders.
“Flatten” button to close all open positions.

Additional Advanced Features

Link windows so that a change of symbol in one window changes the others.
Add/Remove columns in all grid windows including Level 1 quotes (MarketView).
Customize default trading quantities and levels by the symbol.
Programmable hotkeys make it easy to quickly enter and exit trades.


Float windows anywhere on your multi-monitor screen.
Utilize a “heads-up” display by floating the Trade Pad directly over your charts – no need to shift your focus to enter a trade.
Save multiple desktops/layouts and move rapidly between them.
Automatically retrieve your desktops/layouts when trading from a different machine – very useful when moving between office, home and laptop(s).
Help and Support

The application automatically updates to the latest version upon log-in.
Instant access to the Photon Control Center (help) via built in instant-messaging.
Free One-On-One training upon request.
Extensive help files and instructional videos make it easy to get the most out of PhotonTrader Pro.



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