Gain GTX

Gain GTX FOREX Trading Platform with Institutional Spreads


True ECN

GAIN GTX is a commission-based, fully independent ECN. Trade on liquidity from a wide variety of market participants on a fully anonymous basis, with ultra-tight spreads and transparent pricing via full depth of market (DOM).


Unique client-to-client trading experience

GAIN GTX widens your access beyond traditional Bank Liquidity Providers (LPs), allowing your orders to interact with all GAIN GTX participants – a group which incorporates global banks, hedge funds, and professional traders.


Advanced functionality

View price depth with automatic size-adjusted average price (VWAP), access a range of order types including OCO, peg & iceberg orders, construct your own basket trades, and more.




Additional benefits of GAIN GTX include:


  • Robust automated trading capabilities: GAIN GTX offers robust algorithmic trading capabilities that enable clients to develop and implement a wide range of trading strategies using GAIN GTX’s Java or FIX-based APIs.
  • Professional execution desk: The service includes 24 hour phone access to an experienced team of market professionals at GAIN GTX who can provide market insight and facilitate the execution of complex trading strategies via the GAIN GTX marketplace. 


GAIN GTX Direct, offered by GAIN GTX, LLC, is a unique service that allows qualified high net worth individuals to access the liquidity of the GAIN GTX marketplace by leveraging GAIN Capital’s own prime brokerage relationships and central clearing facilities. A minimum account deposit of $100,000 and average daily trading volumes of 5M required.


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