Zaner360 - Recommended Trading Workspaces

Because the Zaner360 futures and options trading platform is fully customizable, it can be overwhelming to some traders.  Accordingly, we have developed recommended workspace layouts for options traders (which is also Trade futures, options, and options spreads on the Zaner360 commodity trading platform.appropriate for futures position traders) and day traders. These are intended to be starting points and we encourage you to adjust them to fit your own personal needs. Let us know if you have any questions!


  1. Download Option Trading Workspace (option chain, margin calculator, order entry window with spreads)

  2. Download Day Trading Workspace (charts, DOM, and quote board linked together for an easy market change)

*Once downloaded and saved to your desktop, these workspaces can be opened within your Zaner360 platform (File>Workspaces>Open>, then locate the saved file on your desktop and save it within your Zaner360 platform).

The Zaner360 is our most popular futures and options trading platform for traders of all types and sizes; it is free to use and feature-rich. For more information on this platform, click here. 



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