Please use the instructions below to fund your DeCarley Trading account when using Gain Futures (Stonex) as the clearing partner:

Clients are recommended to wire funds because it is the fastest and most secure method of transferring money into a futures brokerage account.  Below you will find the wiring instructions to send funds to your Gain Futures (Stonex) commodity trading account with DeCarley:

If you are using Gain Futures (Stonex) as the FCM:

To wire funds:

Bank: BMO Harris Bank N.A., 111 W. Monroe Street Chicago, IL 60603
ABA Number: 071-000-288
Swift Number: HATRUS44
Account Name: StoneX Financial Inc 1.20 Seg
Account Number: 254-8584
For further credit to: {Account Name}
Futures Account Number: {If assigned, otherwise use "Pending New Account"}
    Note: Incoming wires in US$ must be received by 1500 EST, for same-day deposit.
**Please note:  The bank account you wire from must match the exact name on your trading account.  Business wires will only be accepted if the account is opened in the name of the business.

To send a check:

GAIN Capital Group, LLC DBA OEC
Bedminster One
135 US Highway 202/206
Suite 11
Bedminster, NJ, 07921, USA


Please make checks payable to: StoneX Financial, Inc

StoneX Financial, Inc.
230 S. Lasalle St, Suite 10-500
Chicago, IL 60604


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