Full Service Futures and Options Broker

Beginning traders are recommended to take advantage of the benefits of a full-service commodity broker to gain orientation of the markets and trading in general. Of course, this isn't required, but the markets are treacherous. If you aren't 100% comfortable placing trades online and accepting the corresponding risk of making costly errors, you should strongly consider having a full-service or broker-assisted futures account. Be sure to read "Full Service or Online" if you are unsure of what type of service you are interested in (click here to read).

As a full-service futures brokerage client of DeCarley Trading, you will receive the following:

  1. The Financial Futures Report is delivered to your inbox several times per week
  2. The DeCarley Perspective commodity market commentary and trading guidance
  3. Full access to the DeCarley Trading mobile app
  4. Detailed trading recommendations
  5. Trading recommendations issued by popular industry third-party newsletters
  6. Third-party commentary from various market insiders and traders
  7. FREE access to renowned daily commodity research publications
  8. Email, instant message, text message, and telephone access to your commodity broker during and beyond market hours
  9. "Pick our brains," you are paying for it
  10. Handholding in terms of market speculation, strategy, etc.
  11. Quick and reliable futures and options trade placement
  12. Ideas and recommendations for position adjustments
  13. Margin guidance, including using options, futures, or spreads to eliminate margin calls

*All clients have access to live and streaming futures and options quotes (exchange data subscription required) and a trading platform, regardless of service level. 

*Click here to view a commission schedule. 

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