CME Group Featured Commodity Market News Reports

CME Group compiled commodity news reports and global headlines. 

This futures market newsfeed includes prominant global commodity stories, as well as CME Group commodity research and studies.

  1. There are seven primary factors that influence the GBP/USD rate, including Brexit-related politics and the price of oil.
  2. Investors are not expecting a rapid rise in interest rates in the U.S. and Europe, and it could be partly due to high debt levels.
  3. How the uncertainty of fiscal initiatives and the clarity of monetary policy might affect the economy, equities and inflation.
  4. As the Fed prepares to wind down asset purchases, here's a look at how monetary and fiscal policies impact equities and the economy.
  5. Oil prices could face seasonally weak demand as fall arrives, and an increase in supply, but low U.S. inventories could be a bright spot.

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