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Learn to trade futures, and options on futures, for free.  DeCarley Trading publishes multiple commodity trading articles, and hosts several online trading seminars each year in an effort to help teach trading strategies, and market analysis techniques.

"A Trader's First Book on Commodities" Review by the Library Journal
"Free" sugar trade with an option spread
"Higher Probability Commodity Trading" Preview Video
10 reasons to consider speculating in futures, rather than ETFs or stocks
A Commodity Broker / Analyst opinion on the 2014 Crude Oil Collapse and the effect on the US Dollar
Adjusting a 'Trade Gone Bad'
Advantages of trading commodity futures over commodity ETFs
All you Need to Know about Commodity Trading - Carley Garner
An Insiders Perspective: Tips and Tricks
Archived Futures Trading Webinars
Are crude oil and stocks finally decoupling?
Are gold futures in a bull market?
Are natural gas futures bottoming? Cramer and DeCarley take a look
Are there any benefits to trading cash settled futures contracts?
Are there any benefits with trading commodity futures in a commodity pool?
Are there any futures markets that are better the other?
Avoiding Common Trading Errors
Bandwagon bulls in crude oil signal the rally might be due for a pause.
Better your chances of trading success by selling commodity options
BOGO Futures Trading Books by Carley Garner

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