Global Economic Data News and Reports

Whether you are trading currency futures, energies, grains, Treasuries, or the stock indices, it is a good idea to keep tabs on the global landscape.  

The CME Group provides this feed chock full of economic data from around the globe to aid commodity traders in keeping up with the latest global economic trends.  

  1. The demand for lithium for use in batteries has risen exponentially amid efforts to reduce carbon emission.
  2. Get the latest highlights for Malaysian Crude Palm Oil futures and swaps at CME Group.
  3. The surge in inflation, the number of job openings and voluntary resignations are at the highest levels in decades.
  4. The growing momentum towards alternative energy sources has put the focus on battery metals lithium and cobalt.
  5. The Phillips Curve debate linking inflation to unemployment might be irrelevant amid today's pandemic-driven forces.

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