Global Economic Data News and Reports

Whether you are trading currency futures, energies, grains, Treasuries, or the stock indices, it is a good idea to keep tabs on the global landscape.  

The CME Group provides this feed chock full of economic data from around the globe to aid commodity traders in keeping up with the latest global economic trends.  

  1. Discover expert insights and tips to help you choose the most suitable U.S. equity index for your investment goals.
  2. Acreage, which is released annually on the last business day of June, is one of the most impactful reports released by the USDA. While Prospective Plantings contains intended acreage for principal crops for the upcoming crop year, Acreage reports completed planting, serving as an indicator of how well the reality of the crop year meets expectations at its outset.
  3. Further rate hikes in countries like the UK and Australia could possibly crash their red-hot real estate sectors by increasing mortgage costs.
  4. Out of the six Fed monetary tightening cycles in the past 40 years, a recession followed four of the rate hikes.
  5. Learn how growing automation of OTC-style trading in cleared FX markets is making access easier and driving increased usage of CME FX products.

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